Soy Candle, Irish Moss, Green, 12 Ounce, Fresh Scent, Daisy Cut Lid

A wonderful blend of Rich cedar, sandalwood, and amber with light notes of evergreen and fresh cut grass. This is simply delightful. I was out shopping with friends and checking out candles that are out there. Normally I think that the fragrances I find in other candles are weak, vague or otherwise icky. However, I took one whiff of this and knew that I had to find it. So I did. And now you can enjoy it too.

I've made it in a beautiful shade of green....all fresh and happy for Spring. Perhaps St. Patrick's Day. But this fragrance is one you can enjoy all year round.

Every one of my candles is hand poured by me with careful attention paid to centering the wicks and I always do second and even third pours to ensure a smooth top without air pockets or sinking.

Soy wax burns much longer and cleaner than traditional paraffin wax. If you have not yet tried it ....this just might be the time. I use hemp wicks.

Your Wick Options....

Cotton: Less trimming, nice flame but not as enthusiastic as the hemp wick.
Hemp: Enthusiastic Flame with a need for trimming before lighting every time.
Wood: Just plain fun. A bit persnickety with the need to be trimmed and have the ash removed before burning every time but worth it if you are a candle person and enjoy the snapping and crackling that this wick brings.

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