Soy Candle, Wildflowers, Floral, Pink, 12 Ounce, You Choose Wick, Hemp, Cotton, Wood

Very feminine and very floral. From the flowers on the label to the delicate pink of the tinted soy wax this one says "lady". It is a blend of the many flowers you would find on a Summer's walk.

Your Wick Options:

Cotton: Less trimming, nice flame but not as enthusiastic as the hemp wick.

Hemp: Enthusiastic Flame with a need for trimming before lighting every time.

Wood: Just plain fun. A bit persnickety with the need to be trimmed and have the ash removed before burning every time but worth it if you are a candle person and enjoy the snapping and crackling that this wick brings.

Soy wax is a delightful medium for candle makers. It is so easy to clean up after...this means you'll enjoy that kind of ease as well. Hot soapy water takes it away. So whether you accidentally knock it over and have to clean up or want to reuse the container after the candle is finished you can do either very easily and simply. I should own stock in the dish detergent Dawn. I love the stuff. It is just the best for washing up my equipment. But I digress, just use hot soapy water and this stuff just melts away and you are all set to reuse your candle container.

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