Spalted Maple Epoxy River Coffee Table

This coffee table channels the vibe of a bright spring sunrise and is guaranteed to brighten up your space.

While epoxy river tables have been all the rage lately, they sometimes feel a bit campy and all too often are crafted with bright colors that always seemed to do a disservice to the natural beauty of the wood.

I knew epoxy and wood could be done tastefully and I set out to prove it. Behold the results! Spalted maple juxtaposed against warm sunrise colors for a tasteful and classic look.

This piece is guaranteed to turn heads and make your space one of a kind.

Species: spalted maple, locally salvaged

Epoxy: rose, light blue, marble

Base: custom, black, wood

Length: 48.5 in

Width: 23.75 in

Height: 17.75 in

Available for pick-up at our shop in the SODO neighborhood of Seattle or for delivery in the greater Seattle area.

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