Spinning Shoe Rack

Our LAZY SHOE_SAN, 8-Tier French Carousel inspired shoe storage, shoe organization "fit any height space" unit is a total organization solution for showcasing your fashionable shoes in a time honored French tradition while keeping them stored, protected, store up to 96 pairs and/or Handbags to free up your valuable wall space. Sorry, cabinet not included.

Minor Assembly required.

The unit can used for shoes, handbags, or both. Each Tier has Six cubicles for your shoes. You can store up to two pairs of shoes per cubicle depending on the style and width of your shoes. Each cubicle will support a size 10" women's shoe; up to 96 pair. We have the largest maximum capacity shoe storage solution on the market today, each Tier wood round is 28" in diameter (measured straight across).

Most competitive products like the Shoe_San are 24" in diameter and will not hold in many cases more than one shoe, let alone two. Ours holds two pair per cubicle or 12 pair per tier.

In addition we offer Free Shipping, where most competitors do not.

Our Uniquely Designed Shoe Storage solution with two, 4 Tier Lazy Shoe_San's, both are 360 degree rotating circular platform Storage Racks for Women's Shoes uniquely constructed so one 4 Tier Shoe_San is placed on on top of the other 4 tier Shoe_San, 8 Tiers. Each 4 Tier spins 360 degrees independent of the other. Sorry, cabinet not included.

This is the largest capacity shoe storage unit on the market today and we FREE SHIP!

* French Carousel Design, rotating shoe storage Lazy Shoe_San
* Constructed with high density All Natural Wood for durability
* Great solution to free up much needed closet space.

NOTE: The Cabinet is not included! This image was provided by a customer after installation in her new home.

Following are the Custom Designed dimensions as an example of a floor to ceiling height Shoe_San:
The following height specifications can be modified to fit your available space.
Tier cubicle heights:

Four Tier bottom unit...
Tier 1: 14" for boots or large Handbags
Tier 2: 9" for tennis shoes
Tier 3: 9" for sandals
Tier 4: 9" for low heels

Four Tier top unit...to be placed on top of the above Four Tier unit:
Tier 5: 10" for high heels
Tier 6: 10" for extra high heels
Tier 7: 10" for stilettos
Tier 8: 10" for stilettos

All the wood rounds in our Shoe_San's are a generous 28" in Diameter (measured straight across the round), and a very low profile 3/4" thick.

The entire combined Shoe_San shoe storage structure with two 24" diameter wood turntables, (each turntable, 1 1/2" thick) will be a minimum of 94" or approximately 7 feet 10" in height when combined as one unit placed on top of the other. Leaves approximately 2 inches of Safety Space between the top of the completed structure and an 8 foot ceiling using customers available space specifications of approximately 8 foot or less from floor to ceiling. The top cannot be used for storage space. We can adjust individual cubicle partition heights to match most floor to ceiling specifications, let us know the total height you need.

In addition, we provide a large Non-Skid pad to be added to the top of the bottom Shoe_San unit as an additional safety precaution when the unit is placed on top of the bottom unit.

Customer can choose All Natural Wood (Stain/Paint Ready) or choose any one of the following Stain Colors at Check-out: If no selection, Antique White is the default color stain. You will still be able to still see the natural beauty of the wood grain after the stain application of your choice is applied.

Antique White
Early American
All Weathered Look

We also offer 4, 5, 6, and 7 tier Shoe_San's....view the options at the following link:


This not a piece of furniture, it is a shoe storage system. The partitions (see image) are made using the KREG system. KREG Joinery™ is an incredibly fast, strong, and simple way of joining wood. It essentially involves drilling two holes at an angle into each partition, and then joining it to the tier round with self-tapping Philips screws. This highly effective strong jointing technique, has its roots in ancient Egypt. Egyptians clamped two work-pieces together and bored a hole at an angle from the outside work-piece into the second work-piece to semi-hide the screws and create a extremely strong joint. We apply this technique to every partition on our Shoe_San.

We add the best precision ball bearing (silicon lubricated) on the market today. Our bearing mechanism delivers a superb quiet and smooth operation and is attached to two, 24" x 24" diameter, 1 1/2" thick wood round turntable platform for stability, balance, and ease of rotation, plus each of the metal anodized ball bearing mechanisms are rated at 500 pounds weight capacity. Ball Bearings are Silicon lubricated to resist moisture and rust. Our unique Turntable systems results in a silky smooth 360 degree capability for instant access to any shoe or handbag on the Shoe_San.

Shoe_San's are dis-assembled for shipping. The customer can re-assemble ALL tiers by following our simple easy to follow assembly written instructions. The requirement is one Phillips Screwdriver, and 60 minutes to re-assemble both 4-Tier Shoe_San's, that's it!...Easy as Pie!

Customer may need assistance to place one 4 Tier unit on Top of the other 4 Tier to complete the installation of the entire floor to ceiling Shoe_San.

This Floor to Ceiling Shoe_San, can weigh over 100 pounds. We use FedEx, Home Delivery exclusively to ship and deliver to the customers home. We will need your contact telephone number for FedEx to contact you, if necessary, to deliver your Shoe_San on a timely basis.

Also, if your delivery address is any State on the West Coast an additional $65.00 handling fee will be charged via a separate PayPal invoice sent to your email address. Your Shoe_San will be shipped up to two working weeks.

This is a Special Order listing, we have a No Return, No Refund policy on this item, unless it is damaged by FedEX during shipment, which must be reported in addition to pictures of the damage the day of delivery. We will replace all damaged parts free of charge.

Any questions, contact me before you purchase and I will contact you ASAP.

Handmade in the USA by Veterans, who are all Woodworking Artisans in North Wales, PA and Livingston, TX
"If we don't make it, we don't sell it"

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