Spiral Bookshelf

I designed this shelf so that I could have a larger shelf to put up. It's based off of the larger spiral shelf which

The books curve to the shape of the spiral, and the grinded surface design dances in the light. This shelf has a dual purpose in that it both decorates a room, as well as holds books.

It hangs on the wall via tabs welded to the shelf, spaced to overlap the studs in your wall. It's very sturdy and easily handles being completely full of books. It also includes spacers (what you see in the photos between the books) to allow the books to take the form of the shelf.

Hanging the shelf is easy, although it does require two people and a power screwdriver. We include a paper setup of the shelf, which you tape on the wall to decide where to drill the holes for your shelf. You drill the holes, then have your friend hold the shelf there while you screw them in.

The shelf does need to be assembled, but it's easy, its just screwing in some nuts and bolts.

Dimensions: 3'6" wide x 3' tall x 8" deep
Surface design: Grinded aluminum

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