Spiral Bookshelf

I originally designed this piece as a Christmas gift for my sisters, and have sold many others like it online since then.

The shelf hangs on the wall via brackets welded to the shelf, spaced to overlap the studs in a wall. It can also hang on drywall anchors. When you put books on the shelf, the books hide the brackets. It's very sturdy and easily handles being completely full of books. It also includes spacers to allow the books to take the form of the shelf.

This shelf is made of aluminum and comes in 5 individual pieces which must be assembled with bolts. When disassembled, the entire shelf can fit into a 36"x12"x10" box, and weighs approximately 14lbs.

The surface design on the aluminum is a grinded texture I've developed over the years. I use a couple specialized grinding wheels to give it that depth. It is my favorite of the surface textures that I've developed simply because it manages to quickly and easily hide all the natural flaws in the metal, and is really interesting to look at, because it looks different from all angles and in different lighting.

The books curve to the shape of the spiral, and the grinded surface design dances in the light. This shelf has a dual purpose in that it both decorates a room, as well as holds books.

Hanging the shelf was a little difficult- it took me about an hour with a helper. Since that first time, I got smart, and began including a paper "mockup" of the shelf so that the customer could put in all the anchors into the wall, then hang the shelf into the anchors, with relative ease

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