Spiral Staircase

Our goal on this project was to create the lightest- looking modern spiral staircase possible, yet equal in strength to the usual heavily constructed spiral wood staircases. In order to accomplish this feat, exceptional knowledge is required of different wood characteristics and proper method of calculating the exact measurements for the glue support structure. The final outcome will require an intricate process of planing specifications, steaming, and gluing. To keep down cost it is essential to get a project like this right the first time.
View number 1 shows the overall thinness of Artisan Woodworking's design and a lack of the usual wall supports, or thick balustrades that normally would be used to alter bent stock into place. To accomplish this, a thorough knowledge of horizontal expansion and contraction of hand-bent wood is necessary. Part of that consideration involves understanding the environment in which the spiral staircase will be placed.

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