Spiral Staircase

This is a custom hand cut spiral staircase with a circular landing. The landing was approx. 9 ft dia. We used 12x20" and 18x18" porcelain Italian tile. the center is a custom medallion made from 1/2" pieces of marble. The border is a mix of marble, porcelain and stone.

The treads on the stairs are wrapped with the same tile as the landing and the edges of the stairs is glass and marble. Prep involved making a lot of templates, and carefully cutting the landing tiles so that a uniform circular grout line separating the larger tiles from the smaller ones.

Substrate prep involved first making sure that the stairs were sound and sturdy (tile will add a significant amount of weight so this is important) then we make sure there are no squeaky stairs and took care of the ones we found. Next they were wrapped with backer board.

The landing was easier a template was used to cut the hardwood circle out. then a crack membrane was put over the concrete as future insurance, this product helps against cracks in the concrete slab from coming through the tile.

The total project was cut outside to make sure everything would fit than once all the pieces were cut we moved them inside and began installing. The entire project took about 2 weeks to complete.

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