A complicated staircase insofar as the transition points are concerned, ie: railing & trim. The railings were made as shown in photos, I bought the round stock then made the 2 side pieces surrounding it, then added a buffer pad of doug fir to both, securing the pieces together & to act as something I could easily carve out if needed because of the flat steel that the assembly rests upon & is attached to from underneath, which isn't visible. The blocks were added to each transition point, then carved in place to follow the detail of the rails. The trim on top & 4 sides was equally difficult, angles, angles, angles, octogonal, plus pitched at around 36 degrees.
The steel posts go to the floor & anchored there, then I built a
frame wall to correct heights & angles, a very solid case.
The posts are buried the depth of the joist & solidly secured in place, I then made the trim that surrounds it, this is a modified country arts & crafts home.
This case would cost around $35,000.00

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