Starwars At-At Shaped Bookcase

When I got an email asking me if i could make a Bookcase shaped like the Death star, i nearly fell out of my seat. Not only could I, but i was super excited. I'm a Star Wars nerd.

As it turns out, my Clients weren't dead set on the death star, but rather "some from Star Wars." I suggested either the Millenium Falcon, or the AT-AT, and warned my clients when i sent over the sketches that they would need a coin. Several hours later they relented and resorted to the Coin.

I've still got the sketch for the Millennium Falcon (can't wait to make it someday). This project has been featured on MindHut and SheKnows (I know, I'm famous)

I use the same material custom cabinet makers use for their drawers. Its called Baltic Birch plywood. Unless your building a boat, there is no finer material plywood. Its completely solid (unlike cheap plywood which has voids, and pockets). Put simply, if there were stronger plywood out there, this last paragraph would be about it, and not Baltic Birch.

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