Steamer Trunk

A photograph of a Martin Maier oak slat trunk influenced the esthetic architecture of Vague Coffre One.

Today, the word handmade suffers a highly subjective interpretation. Something handmade is made by people using their hands, not by machine (machine: a piece of equipment with moving parts that uses power such as electricity to do a particular job).

Vague Coffre One is bespoke (custom products or services that are specifically designed and made for a particular person i.e. not handmade). In the creation of Vague Coffre One, common power tools were used such as a table saw, and jointer planer for example. However, to be very clear, Vague Coffre One is sui generis. Every component is unique and was designed, crafted, and assembled exclusively by me for my pleasure. No veneer, nothing hidden, nothing false.

Both Dovetail and Box joints can be beautiful however, it is very important to understand they are not the same. Dovetail joints are more complex to layout and construct hence, when made correctly, create significantly more intrinsic value to an identical piece with box joints. The joinery you see with my work is Dovetail. You can identify Dovetail Joinery by its triangular shape. The Box joint is rectangular or square in shape i.e. constructed with right angles.

-Exterior leather is crafted from slightly more than one whole American bison hide
-Upper and lower frame of Vague Coffre One is solid is 3/4" quatersawn white oak
-All joinery is through dovetails
-Slats are solid 1/4" quarter-sawn white oak and black walnut
-Over 1500 individually placed hand hammered escutcheon pins
-Upper frame slats are secured by two stainless steal wood screws at terminals
-With exception to the upper frame slat terminal screws and external escutcheon pins, Vague Coffre One is metal free. i.e authentically assembled
-Wood is primary, stain is secondary i.e. it lives in the shadow of the wood. After stain, the wood is finished with eight hand rubbed applications of the finest marine grade interior coating manufactured today.

Vague Coffre One is represented in a precise and true manner. Honesty and integrity is paramount. Naturally, I encourage you seek whatever additional information e.g. pictures, material data, you wish. I will make every effort to expeditiously respond to all inquiries.

Vague Coffre One
Weight: 49kg (108lb)
Dimensions: depth 52.07cm (20.5"), width 93.345cm (36.75"), height 67.31cm (26.5")
Shipping Weight: 136kg (300lb)
Shipping Crate: 49.5" x 34.5" x 39.5"

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