Sterling Skull And Bones Biker Ring

My skull ring series has a multiple set of ancestors. The first skull ring I made was commissioned about fifteen years ago by an anthropology grad student at ASU who wanted a ring with an anatomically correct skull bearing an exact heritage being that of a Micronesian male or an Inuit female I forget just which. The point being that I learned a great deal about the human brain pan. In this ring I decided to branch out and use other fictional human bones. The sides and shank of this ring are comprised of vaguely human-like bones which might or might not resemble a radius, ulna and/or other bones whose names I learned in high school. Judge for yourself; what I didn't want was for this ring to look so angry it belonged on a bubblegum package or a motorcycle show on the Discovery channel. This ring was cast in sterling silver and is a size 10. It can be recast in whatever color or karat of gold you would like, price being dependent upon the gold market.

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