Stoneware Casserole

This is a small hand built casserole made from a local stoneware clay body and carefully hand decorated in a floral design on 2/3 and bright polka dots on the remaining 1/3. This particular design is finished with slip work but it can be done with glaze or underglaze depending on the look that I'm trying to achieve. It is Ovensafe when started in a cold oven, microwave safe, and dishwasher friendly when handled with care All materials used are MSDS tested food safe and are lead free. Pieces of this type can also be made in non traditional shapes other then circles, rectangles, and ovals. It can also have side handles if wanted. This is helpful on larger
pieces. May also be made to order in sets, lidded or non lidded. This design can also be applied to jar sets.

Dimensions: varies by size and type

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