Storybook Rocker

The Storybook Rocker is my adaptation of another similar chair I saw once. It is designed to seat three, but can fit four if the baby is on the adult's lap. Children love this chair and climb up into it, even if no adult is available to rock them or read to them. The design creates an intimate setting for parent or grandparent and little ones that is rarely possible--that of everyone getting to cuddle in close without smashing the lap of the adult. I have only made a handful of these chairs, but their owner's are quick to nickname them. They are known as the Captain's Chair, Papa's Chair, or simply, The Big Chair. This chair is very large and takes a large corner of a room with plenty of clearance. The two chairs shown here are made of walnut, but of course, a wide variety of hardwoods, both domestic and exotic, are available. The chair can be custom sized to the intended sitter, particularly if the adult is of significantly larger or smaller proportions than average. It will break your heart when the kids outgrow this chair, but they will have their own kids soon enough and the story will begin again.

Dimensions: Figure twice the size of an average rocker.

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