Stratasphere Kinetic Windsculpture

StrataSphere is a unique kinetic sculpture built to move with the wind. It serves as the perfect focal piece to add to any garden or outdoor living area as it literally comes to life with the most gentle of breezes. StrataSphere is a wonderful combination of engineering and grace whose movement is similar to gyroscopes within gyroscopes as the entire sculpture takes on a random yet graceful spinning motion in the wind. Each element is independently balanced and revolves on stainless steel ball bearings for friction-free movement and a long, maintenance free life. The pedestal is made of a polymer resin with exterior grade coating that resembles stone. The pedestal is hollow for ease of shipping. Once in position, pedestal is filled with sand for added stability. Available with pedestal shown or small base for mounting on your own pedestal, post or any flat surface.

Dimensions: 26" diameter sphere on 40" pedestal.

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