Stunning Walnut Art Door

This is a beautiful art door built of Walnut. The natural wood elements are accented with some stained glass. A real one of a kind!

It is an interior door for an art gallery. The Walnut is locally grown, cut, and air dried, leaving all the varied colors in the wood. A local sawyer brings me character wood as he knows I like it. The door panels are cut from 3" thick pieces with knarly knot holes going all the way thru. The blank is squared up and the 1/4 inch thick slices are taken and book matched. Two to a side. The main glass is a turquoise but there is red glass in several smaller holes that only reveals itself from chance angles and when the light is right. All the glass was provided by a neighbor who makes glass and steel sculpture. The panels were made first and the rest of the door built around them.

Dimensions: Varies

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