Sumi-E Ink Painting, Zen Style, Home Decor And Stationary

Sumi-e Ink painting is a traditional Japanese style of painting that infuses spirit into the art piece by creating beautiful gray scales with the least amount of brush strokes possible. These paintings convey beautiful vignettes of nature. The tranquility and zen quality can add peace and beauty to any space wether it is a stationary or home decor.

Mediums used are indian ink, sumi-e brushes, and red ink. When watercolor is used, the painting is more characteristic of Chinese painting. Substrates include, rice paper, watercolor paper, and shikishi board.

Ideas for displaying and sharing this beautiful art . . .
Stationary, bookmarks, trading cards, home decor such as framed wall hangings. Both originals and giclees are offered.
(Giclees are ink copies of the original done professionally. )

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