Sun Wall Bookshelf

Dimensions: 3' wide x 1' tall x 8" deep
Surface design: Engine Turned Aluminum
Includes: Screws and instructions for hanging, and spacers to make the books curve with the shelf

I originally designed this shelf as a gift for a friend, and it quickly became my first sale. I wanted it to be something nice to decorate her room with, as well as have the capability of holding books. I decided to shape it as a rising (or setting depending on your viewpoint) sun to represent her "sunny" personality. She was absolutely thrilled at her gift, and the main photo is of it hanging in her room. She inspired me to produce them commercially, and so that is what you see here.

The shelf is designed to be hung on a wall, but it can also stand by itself.

The surface texture of the metal is Engine Turned aluminum. The circles you see are all put in by me personally, and they give the shelf a really unique look.

I designed it to hang from brackets that are welded to the bookends (I am certified for this type of welding, so you can be sure it is strong!). The brackets get hidden once books are on the shelf and they overlap the studs in the wall. Therefore, it's very sturdy and easily handles being completely full of books. The shelf also includes spacers which are placed between the books (you can see them in the photos) to allow the books to take the form of the shelf.

Hanging it is easy, although it does require two people and a power screwdriver. It should take no more than 15 minutes. Theres also extra holes in the brackets, in case the studs in your wall aren't quite standard.

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