9'6" pintail noserider custom made to order

MakerUSA fabricates hand-shaped, hollow-core surfboards, using laser-cut Baltic Birch plywood skeletons combined with a solid wood-bent lamination rail. This exclusive, innovative design allows us to build a lighter wood-core board without compromising the rail and foil shaping, resulting in a custom performance ride.
Our veneers are made from sustainable and reclaimed woods, which include Spanish Cedars, Port Orford Cedars, and Sitka Spruce. We have an extensive selection of veneers and artwork. Some of the veneers on the Hokusai wave are box elder burl, imbuya, pommele madrone, fiddleback makore. The finish on the boards is 4 mil e-glass, epoxy, polyester resin and polyurethane hand buffed.

Dimensions: 3.25"x23-1/2"x9'6"

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