"Swim Boldly Upstream" Canteen

"Swim boldly upstream to find your adventure"

You're out taking a hike and you need a drink of refreshing cool...whiskey? Water? You're sitting around the bonfire and want to tipple a wee dram? This hand carved white stoneware and hand stitched leather canteen is the answer to your beverage container needs.

Wheel thrown white stoneware is paddled into shape by Steve Smith then passed to Rebecca for the surface design. She coats the entire piece in Warm Black slip and carves the design using the sgraffito technique. All Rebecca's carving is done completely freehand - not plotted and sketched. She picks up the tools and transfers the idea from her brain to the clay. Once fired and glazed, the piece is handed back to Steve for the leatherwork trim.

The canteen shown will hold approximately 24 oz and is $150. It has been in a series of exhibitions throughout Ohio as an example of the sgraffito technique. Custom images and quotes are available. Price varies based on size and detail of the image.

Dimensions: 2.25" thick x 9" high.

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