Swinging Pantry

This is a pantry on hinges. It is part of the same job that also includes the dropleaf counter, the "puzzlebox" shelving unit, and the corner vanity project that are elsewhere on this site.
Like a lot of the more creative touches in this house, this arose from the recurring need to waste not an inch of space in this very small kitchen and pantry. It is hung on a wall which I was expecting to remain blank, and abuts at 90 degrees an upper and lower shelf unit that are, respectively, 16 and 28 inches deep. These two units are open only from the front and fixed cabinets on the abutting wall would have rendered them totally inaccessible.
Everything in this pantry-like much of the rest of this job- was designed on the fly, jointly, by the customer and myself and built entirely onsite. I hesitate to admit it, but the idea for this piece actually arose from an exasperated comment on my part during a design conversation with the customer. Something to the effect of: "The only way we can use this wall at all is if the whole cabinet swings out of the way!" As soon as it was said, we both thought "Why couldn't the whole cabinet swing out of the way?" So that's what we did.
This piece is hinged fom a post which is tied into the wall framing and then wrapped in solid gumwood. The carcass is constucted from cabinet plywood veneered on its face with gumwood and its reverse with poplar. This was done for us by a local mill as we weren't set up to veneer both sides of a full sheet of plywood. The shelves are cabinet plywood with high aprons to prevent items from sliding off when the unit is opened. These aprons are of poplar and the upper 4 shelves have drop-down fronts for easier access.
All in all, a very functional and unusual piece. Not very many people will see this and say "Oh yeah, I have something just like that in my kitchen."

Dimensions: 92 inches tall.
12 inches deep.
approximately 30 inches wide at its widest point.

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