Sword Of The Five Tigers

The client wanted a "Tiger" themed sword that incorporated the number 5, which is a very important symbol for him. Other than that I had free reign on design. So.....The blade is O1 tool steel that has 5 different edges on it, is 25 inches long (5X5) and has 5 Gold pins inset. The hand guard is a Copper Pentagon with 5 Silver pins inset. The handle is painted in 5 black and 5 orange Tiger stripes. The butt is a Copper Tiger Claw with 5 inset diamonds. Ninety five percent of the entire sword is comprised of 5 elements - Iron, Carbon, Copper, Gold and Silver. It finished at 40 ounces - (5X8) and the balance is two inches in front of the hand guard. Was the client happy? Oh, howdy.!

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