Sykes Center For Faith And Values (2010)

Sykes Center for Faith and Values
University of Tampa


Meditation Room windows
(1) 1.5' x 32.5'
(1) 9.5' x 31.5'

On the corner of the building is the Meditation Room. One enters a low-ceilinged space that opens up in a soaring gesture. The exterior corner walls are curved inward, with deeply inset, narrow slits for windows that gently arch toward the thirty-five foot ceiling. It is difficult to do much with such a proportion and the impossibility to see the entire window at once while standing in the room.This architectural situation determines both the composition and theme of my design response.

The windows are a simple, upward gesture, like a plant reaching for the sun. If the students at the University will set a moral compass and grow, the sky is the limit. The restrained blue palette makes a powerful meditative statement.

Hallway Gallery Entries
(5) 5' x 11.5'

Unlike the Meditation Room, this glass is pure architectural ornament.

Everything about the hallway is big and open, as are the entries themselves. A skylight dominates from above. The masonry, millwork, and flooring is spectacular. I felt the entries should be restrained and rich to complement this situation. Monochromatic golds harmonize with the surrounding materials. There is a high contrast of transparent, translucent, and prismatic glasses to play with the overhead light. I've incorporated the same radius and truncated arch geometry found throughout the building to make the wraparound designs "fit" in a subconsciously pleasing way.

I used blue for the Traditional Meditation room to distinguish this entry as something special and because blue and red are the traditional colors used in liturgical settings.

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