Symmetry, Handmade 4ft Bookcase

Each shelf is tilting in opposing directions as though they are trying to separate, in turn, creating a mirror image, thus symmetry...

The shelves are built of hardwood ply and feature solid oak and oak ply shelves/tops.

The images are, of course, in the construction stage. It only has one light coat of paint. Once completed the shelf will be finished in flat black enamel with stained red oak shelves and tops. Then, hand waxed to seal/preserve the finish.

Dims between shelves vary because of the slant. Largest distance between each is 14"H, to give an idea of available space.

I will post nice images once completed, please contact me with any questions or comments on the piece.

Dimensions: 48"H x 39.5"W x 10" D

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