Tactical Thin Blue Line Murphy Bar

Beautiful, handcrafted Murphy bar with unique epoxy flag front that will brighten any room of your home or office and show your love of country. These are wonderful gifts for veterans, police officers, firefighters, or anyone that is patriotic about America. Anyone receiving this as a gift will find them very functional and will cherish them for years.

The cabinet provides lots of storage for common bar items in a very efficient space. When the front is folded down, there is a large, flat work surface for pouring drinks. When not in use, the front is folded up and you can enjoy the custom flag design. These are great for an area where you'd like to enjoy a cocktail, but you don't have space for a full bar. Add that bar you've always wanted to your man cave, she shed, garage, game room, family room, or office without taking up much space and without having bar items visible when you don't want to see them.

The cabinet could also be used as a desk for small spaces.

The core of each flag is a 3/4" thick Medium Density Overlay (MDO) panel. Each panel has the edges rounded, is sanded, and then is primed before a coat of multiple colors of epoxy is applied. Next, the epoxy coat is sanded to remove any imperfections before a flag design is stenciled. Finally, a clear coat of countertop epoxy is applied to create a glossy, durable finish. The back of each flag (what becomes the bar top) is primed and coated with exterior paint that will stand up to years of spilled drinks.

The cabinet is made of solid 3/4" thick poplar. Dovetail joinery and premium glue is used on all four corners to provide a very strong connection that should last a lifetime. The vertical dividers to which the shelves attach are secured to the frame with dadoes and premium glue. To provide maximum customization, each cabinet includes two large adjustable shelves that each have a hole to accommodate taller bottles. There are also two small adjustable shelves in the center section. The cabinet is primed and coated with exterior paint in a very neutral "greige" that will look great with just about any color walls.

The flag is attached to the cabinet with two hinges. Sash chains are attached to support the bar top when the cabinet is open. Each chain has a working load limit of 75 pounds. We don't recommend sitting on the fold down shelf, but it should withstand the wildest parties for many years. A magnetic catch is installed to keep the cabinet closed when not in use.

The cabinet dimensions are roughly 19 1/2" tall, 37" wide, and 6 1/2" deep. The total weight is 28 pounds.

The cabinet is very easy to install on any wall in just a few minutes. Simply attach the provided French cleat to two wall studs with screws that will also be provided. Then hang the cabinet on the cleat for years of enjoyment.

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