Taekwando Karate Belt Promotion Award

When you or your child tests for a new martial arts belt, it's a big deal! This award is custom made from the actual board they break during the test. The figure is actually striking the broken edge itself.

For the Trophy Style - The base of the award is the half board where the instructors signed and the other half is used for the customized striking figure.

For the Plaque Style - The customized striking figure is made from half the board and we do not require the other half, you only need to provide the one you want cut.

You may choose short or long hair figure and the attack type that is the most accurate for your warrior. The belt will be painted to match the belt they were promoted into.

Buyer must ship the board(s) before work can begin. The completed trophy style award will be shipped back flat with instructions on gluing the statue into the base.

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