Texas Burl Turqoise Executive Desk

This desk was exhibited and sold at the National Cutting Horse Association World Championship Futurity in Ft. Worth, Texas. The desk is one of the few we have done where not only the top is burl mesquite, but the rest of the desk is too! Very rare stuff, hard to find, and harder still to find enough to build an entire desk with that is similar in color.
The front and side edges are natural; only the edge facing the owner is straight-lined. We used a very sweet source of turquoise from a small mine in Nevada for our fill. Filled using Mirror Coat; final finish with precat lacquer. The purchaser of this desk was originally going to order a less-expensive desk from us, and we discussed the dimensions of the desk he wanted to order during the course of a weekend at this show. But as Saturday night went on, he was having more fun at the show than he could stand. After he asked me on 3 separate occasions what I was asking for this show piece, I finally cut the price a little and he snapped it up. Great deal for us, and a great deal for the client! We can only build this type of desk on rare occasions--finding enough of this type of wood is extremely difficult.

Dimensions: Custom

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