The All-Purpose Gaming Table ~

[Edit: Until further notice this project is unavailable while my shop undergoes some transitions.]

Have you been thinking of owning a gaming table, yet find them all ridiculously expensive? Not only that, do you not have the space to own a new table specifically dedicated to your hobby? Well, The All Purpose Gaming Table may be an answer for you. Ready for use in the kitchen as well as in a living room or den, this seamlessly crafted piece of woodwork is prepared to be your all-purpose table.

This table has two removeable top leaves and one channel board, converting the ordinary table surface into an open 24"x42" play area, 3 1/2" deep.
When it's time to eat, first place the channel board back into the center of the table, before you set in the leaves to rest. This piece, in addition to the carved interior lip, provides an aquaduct to secure your gaming goods from any wetness that may happen to spill through the table. Play, eat, and play again without having to disrupt or move your campaigns and play sessions.

At 33" x 51", up to six can sit without taking up too much room.

Six magnet-held side shelves fold down to give 6 1/2" of shelf space to each guest at the table, and close back in to a close-fitting 3" (just enough space to hold card cases and other significant items.)

When it's time to move, disassembling the table is as easy as flipping the table on it's side or upside-down, and using a screwdriver to loosen the 8 bolts which secure the 4 legs. (Has it been mentioned the table is lightweight?) The legs can be stored in the play bed for transport.

Built out of pine to keep the table affordable for the passionate table-top gamer, the table is nonetheless customizable in scale and color (up to 40"x60" at the $450 price-point.) Color variations include multitudes of stain and finish for the wood itself, and varieties of billiard cloth beginning with red, blue, and green. Additional cloth colors are available at request, although may need to be special ordered.

Round-out your life between your hobbies and your need to consume sustenance with The All Purpose Gaming Table. Craftsmanship, artistry, and gaming come together in a piece of furniture that's functional and cool without sacrificing style and class. Engravings available.


Version 2.0
- Doubles as a flat kitchen table due to 99% spillproof aquaducts
- Seats up to 6
- 6 storage shelf compartments for your important goods
- Easily assembled/ disassembled (requires only a screwdriver)
- Fully customizable in both color and scale
- Billiard cloth base -- easier to clean than felt, and no 'pill'ing
- 33"x51"
- 24" x 42" play area
- Leagues less expensive than other gaming tables
- Classy, stylish and cool.

A. Good question. This table is built out of pine, the most common and least expensive wood. In addition, the process of building this table has been distilled down to a fine science, and so the production time is efficient and minimal.

Q: Is it possible to get this table, or a similar table, in a different wood?
A. Yes. However, it will be significantly more expensive.

Q: Do you offer cup holders or additional features?
A: Yes, for additional prices. Inquire directly.

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