Sold - The 'Carla' Spider Bridge Electric Resonator Guitar

the Carla Spider is a commission for Carla, who came out to the shop and hand picked that ash wood used in this project, so she got to be involved from the very beginning. I had been looking at this piece of wood for some time thinking about it and I can't think of a better result! It's a rear-loading resonator - I did this because I wanted the wonderful figure and grain patterns of the wood to show without any cover plate getting in the way. both the front and back are bookmatched pieces and they come from the same tree. in fact from the same crotch in the tree where a couple very large branches diverged from the trunk. I harvest, cut, season and hand pick every piece of wood used on this guitar with the exception of the fingerboard which is ebony.

The pickup is custom wound by David Plummer based on a tele neck pickup but wound to bring out as much wood and bell quality as possible. and she utilizes a microphone on the biscuit with pure (and proprietary) passive electronics for a range from the the most natural sound possible to the nastiest pure electric sound.

"I like to leave certain reminders in the guitars I build of the fact that these instruments are created from living things. Not just living, but living eco-systems in and of themselves, so you may find wormholes, or inclusions in the wood. even raw unfinished spots in some pieces." says Martin Maudal. M cubed guitars are a fine balance between the Japanese artistic ethic of "wabi sabi" (perfection in imperfection), and the precise engineering necessary to a beautifully playing and sounding guitar.

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