The Custom Bird House Remodel

This bird house was brought to me by a neighbor after it was found beat up by the bull they own after it had fallen.
Originally it had no windows or light the bottom was off and the roof hade several shingles missing. and the portion of the cabin I could possibly reuse had mud gound in.

I ended up building a new base which I used red fir tounge and groove and a 1/4" plywood veneer to hold it together. After installing the lighting i used another piece of veneer to make an electrical cord housing which I incorporated in the bottom of the house concealing the cord.
I cut in windows which i used a piece of plexy glass for one and piece of stained glass for another and then I used steel mesh to cover the other. Each window is trimmed out in rustic pine barnwood..

I put a pick-nick table inside the big steel mesh window in case someone wanted to look in they would see it and not an empty house.

The house is on a set of hidden hinges which allow for easy light changing. I used a drememl to write. " Woody's and Please follow pecking order on th two signs out front. The signs are made from reclaimed pine barn wood.

I tore off the excisting shingles and reshingles with cedar that I cut into strips which I nailed and glued into place. The pole fence replica is made from wooden dowels I had left over from a previous project which I cut in half using my band saw.

They now have it displayed inside there house and use it for a conversation piece. Total time to restore was 8 hrs. mainly because I had no idea what I would do next after each add on until I thought about it for a bit. Then an idea would pop up and I would try to envision it. It would either be " yep that works" or "nope not even". It was a very fun and relaxing project. I have put a price range at the bottom to reflect a new bird house built to this same specs. first without any extras and top price reflecting the "fully loaded model" if you will.

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