The Duck Bed

Usually, after a long and complex project like this one, I'm glad to see it go. You know, time for the next one. This one was different. It' took about six weeks, involved a lot of old and new skills, and everyone in the shop pitched in ... I give my son Will the credit for the turning, carving, fussy inlay fitting and finishing; Trevor Mott gets the credit for the complex cnc work on the headboard and walnut overlay with the inlay pockets, and Sam, the metalworker son, well, he did a great job with the metal shaping and patina work ... I'll take a little credit, for the CAD drawing of most of the ducks and for leading the parade, but it was overall a shop wide effort. Jim pitched in too but mainly his job was to keep our other projects truckin' along. The clients were extremely happy when we delivered it and I thank them for their trust in us to commission and support us on a challenging project like this. Whew ! also miss the ongoing duck puns ... ducks in a row, all ducked up, just ducky, duckin'around, what a bunch of quacks ... and so it went ... The whole project was a great one ..

Dimensions: Standard king size

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