"The Essence Of An Artist" Unique Scrap Metal Sculpture

This piece was put together using mostly scrap metal as I found it, although there are a few pieces I did hammer out, and bent around. I do sculpture like this with intuition about what I'm doing rather than forming a plan ahead of time. These sculptures require me to be in a "zone" of fluidity and "being in the moment" to really come out with something special. I can make a unique sculpture for you, just know the sculpture will be better, the less detailed you ask me to make it. In other words, I'm making a piece of art with my eyes, not yours, so the more you let me flow with my creative eye, and let go of what its going to look like in the end, the happier we will both be considering great expectations can make for disappointments. I will take into consideration size your looking for, price points, and some basic style points, shapes, and texture, color, mood, materials, finish.

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