The Hiroshima Table- Birds Eye Maple

As we all know, Hiroshima was a necessary catastrophic event that showed man the power we could harness in nature. When Jimmy first laid eyes on the Birds Eye Maple slab from the Oregon hillside he knew this table would be a constant reminder of that pivotal point in human history. So, he set about creating a reminder, but one that also tells the powerful story of nature's beauty.
The Birds Eye Maple tabletop has a teak oil finish and is coupled with a beautiful, twisted White Cedar stump that Jimmy cut himself from the mountaintops of Colorado.
The extremely rare bird's-eye figure is in demand world wide and has been for over 150 years. It is especially sought after in the European countries, but particularly in Italy and Germany, and more recently has become popular in the rest of Europe as well as in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China and Korea. In many foreign countries, bird's-eye maple is considered a status symbol and ranks among the most expensive woods in the world. In addition to the uniqueness of the bird's-eye figure, it is only found in limited localities in the United States and Canada which adds to the demand for this maple tree anomaly.
The Hiroshima Table dimensions are: 34" H x 36" W x 44" L

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