The Hunter

I never thought I'd make a clip point blade. It's not a design I typically gravitate to. but I don't know... when I sat the steel in front of me to draw a blade out The steel just screamed "I WANT TO BE A CLIP POINT HUNTER" so I did what the steel asked, and it came out great.
I would be honored to send one of these with you on your next voyage.

Like all my knives I grind these from a piece of 5/32" American made 01 flat stock.01 takes and holds a great edge that will let you work all day without resharpening. The up-sweep and clip are elegant and this knife is quick in the hand and like all my knives come scary sharp. While this knife was designed as a hunter, the convex grind makes in capable of any carving or camp task you can throw at it. This is a true "Bushcraft" knife. The blade does have a Quarter height convex grind, as opposed to a true Scandinavian or flat grind, this allows the user a great deal of edge control and ease of sharpening either on stones or with mouse pad and sand paper.

All of my knives are heat treated in a professional grade kiln, oil quenched, and tempered. All this means consistency of quality and performance.

I grind in the final bevels of all my knives by hand before I heat treat them, and after my blades have been heat treated and tempered the edge will not be touched by a machine again. The finished and polished edge is done, by hand, by me, in my living room while watching netflix until they're scary sharp.

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