The Last Unicorn: Molly Grue (16x20)

This is a 16x20 digital design influenced by The Last Unicorn by Peter S. Beagle. The quote with in the poster is derived straight out of the IDW comic The Last Unicorn. The Comic adaptation is by Peter B. Gillis and art by Renae De Liz. Please note that DragonroseWorks does not claim any rights to the quote, but only the art work on the poster.

This is a design influenced by The Last Unicorn, and is a print with a floral border accompanied by a quote from the previously mentioned authors and comic book.

Molly Grue is one of few companions who join the last unicorn on earth to help find out why this unicorn is the last, and what happened to the others like her. Molly is a strong female figure with in the story, and always has something to say. The quote "What have you done, Schemdrick? What have you done?" is one of the strongest quotes she says with in the story. It is a pivotal quote in that it expresses her utter mixture of emotions when the unicorn is turned into a beautiful young woman, by the magician Schemdrick, in order to save her life from the Red Bull of King Haggard. Molly is over come with horror that the unicorn, a immortal creature of purity, is now turned into a mortal girl. Molly is also relieved that the unicorn is now safe, but what happens now that the unicorn is made human? Molly can only watch over her and help them on their quest before its too late for the unicorn.

~ CUSTOM FRAME ORDER ~ Please submit a custom request in order to get this print framed. A basic frame with the print will cost a total of $87.39 USD. That price total includes shipping and handling for $5.99 USD.

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