The Mermaid Spider Bridge Electric Resonator Guitar

she is one of 'the 3 Mermaids' created for the Artisans of Musical Design show at the dA Center for the Arts - one of the last of the Carolann line. a spider bridge resonator guitar. the top is black walnut with a western silver maple body and neck, and an ebony fingerboard. all of the woods in this guitar, with the exception of the ebony were harvested, cut, seasoned, and hand-picked for this guitar by the luthier Martin Maudal personally from woods local to the Claremont California area.

The pickup is custom wound by David Plummer based on a tele neck pickup but wound to bring out as much wood and bell quality as possible. and she utilizes a microphone on the biscuit with pure (and proprietary) passive electronics for a range from the the most natural sound possible to the nastiest pure electric sound.

"I like to leave certain reminders in the guitars I build of the fact that these instruments are created from living things. Not just living, but living eco-systems in and of themselves, so you may find wormholes, or inclusions in the wood. even raw unfinished spots in some pieces." says Martin Maudal. M cubed guitars are a fine balance between the Japanese artistic ethic of "wabi sabi" (perfection in imperfection), and the precise engineering necessary to a beautifully playing and sounding guitar.

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