Oak Tv Lift

The Phoenix P4435 is another great foot of the bed TV lift design. Constructed from oak wood and finished in a beautiful honey color, the P4435 was designed to accommodate a 40" flat panel HDTV. The electronics were organized in another area of the room and pre-wired under the bed to the lift location. The pre-wired HDMI cable and power, conveniently entered the furniture through the small decorative cut-out in the base molding of the furniture. The electronics were controlled via a radio frequency (RF) remote. RF remote controls send radio signals to electronics that are hidden in a different location. By hiding the electronics and utilizing an RF remote control the overall size of the furniture was kept to an absolute minimum.
To ensure the TV lift looked perfect in the room, the furniture was fully finished on all four sides. The way the room was laid out the television could be seen from the bed and the other side of the room. To provide convenient viewing from both areas the P4435 foot of the bed TV lift was outfitted with an optional swivel mechanism. The customer was able to simply rotate the TV up to 180 degrees and view it from both sides of the room!

One of the most important features of of this lift cabinet was the mechanism itself. The mechanism is proudly made in the USA with superior engineering, quality, and features. The TV raises and lowers smoothly and quietly via the included remote control. The lift can be programmed to raise to the perfect height given the size of the TV to ensure the TV is neither too high or too low in the room. Finally, the tv pop-up lift mechanism is backed by a full five year warranty.

While the television in this example was a 40", each Phoenix lift is made-to-order so the furniture can be adjusted to accommodate any size TV.

Diamond Case Designs, Inc. is the exclusive provider of Phoenix TV lift furniture. They are a family owned business and proudly produce their furniture in the United States.

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