'The Rangeley 17' Row Boat Kit

"The Rangeley Boat is a distinctive American sporting boat that has been in use on the Rangeley Lakes of Maine for something like 100 years, and was well known to past generations of fishermen for its numerous excellent characteristics. It was not limited to the Rangeleys, for by 1900 it was in common use by fishermen on the Belgrade Lakes, on Sebago Lake, and on other lakes in western and southern Maine." from Building Classic Small Craft, Vol. 1 by John Gardner.

This Rangeley was designed by the Newfound Woodworks. It is based on offsets from the John Gardner book, Building Classic Small Craft. . The original Rangeley boats were cedar lapstrake construction with ribs on the inside. Our version is cedar strip-built with epoxy resin and fiberglass cloth providing strength and protection.

This version of the Rangeley is 2' longer and 2" wider than the Rangeley 15. This provides a longer hull length and more capacity. If you are normally fishing or spending time on the water with more than one person in the boat, this would be the version for you. Many Rangeley 17's have been built for Row Trolling in Wisconsin, where you can't use a motor to troll for muskies and you want enough room for two rowers.

The Rangeley Lake Boat is featured in Susan Van Leuven's book, Wood Strip Water Craft. Read John Michne's review of this book.

Dimensions: Length 17' Beam (BOA) 48" Beam (BWL) 41.25" Weight 105 lbs. Displacement (Capacity) 725 lbs Draft (at Capacity) 6.5" Center Depth 13.99" Depth at Bow 22.45"

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