The Stairway (A Rather Special Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle)

This puzzle of a painting by Berio Gizzi has been in my collection for some time. It's a sleeper and should be more popular than it has been. To start with the original painting is amazing. It is the opposite of impresionistic, carefully composed and meticiously crafted. To quote from my 1999 catalog "The images include a portrait by Van Eyck, a photograph of Mr. Gizzi's daughter, one of the artist's own landscapes and a porcelain doll. The stairway after which the painting is named is dimly reflected in a mirror." I assume that the person who ultimately puts the puzzle together has gotten it as a gift, does not know the picture and will be astonished seeing it evolve as the puzzle is put together. The cut design has several large figures made of more than one piece. I guess I can say that both the picture and puzzle design are equally quirky.

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