The Transformer

A client requested a table that could be used as a foot stool in their small house. They provided us with a drawing based upon an antique they saw in a store several years earlier. The requirements were that it must have a low profile so they could use it as a foot rest while sitting on a futon. Furthermore, it was to transform from a table into a writing desk by having the top rise up and forward clearing the tops of their legs as they sat on the couch. Since one of the clients is a wood carver, there are two inlays on the front and back in which he will add a personalized touch to this piece. This design and construction perfectly blend with their lifestyle of efficiency in size and utility. The inside has ample storage for books and magazines and is not overwhelming in their confined living space. It is constructed of red oak with sugar maple support arms. The oval inlays are yellow birch. All dovetails are hand-cut. The finish is 5 coats of Tried and True Danish oil with 5 coats of shellac on top. This is truly a one-of-a-kind piece. The sketch provided by the client is presented below and served as an invaluable resource in the design process.

Dimensions: This piece is 12 inches high and 36 inches wide by 18 inches deep. When the top is up the writing surface is 25 inches off the floor and comes forward 13 inches. The top locks firmly into position with a support arm that flips up into a notch on the back

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