Custom Made To Measure Suit

A custom-tailored suit is an elegant addition to a modern man's wardrobe. Properly crafted, a suit is more than a piece of clothing worn on occasion: it is an expression of the man wearing it.

The modern man we envision places a particular importance on expressing character through what he wears. He understands and appreciates the quality of fine clothing and the rarity of mastery in the art of suit craftsmanship.

At Timothy George Homme Exclusive, we believe creativity, care and attention to detail are the essential ingredients of a custom-made suit. We give each of our clients close personal attention at our exclusive fitting salon, taking note of unique personal qualities, individual character, and the primary motivations that drive our clients' desire for a custom-made suit. Our finished masterpieces are a reflection of what we perceive and discover through this process.

Quality and attention to detail are what set Timothy George apart from all others. With 100 master tailors and 250 seamstresses ready to sew and construct our suits by hand in Naples, Italy, we provide a wide array of styles and fabrics to match your tastes; our custom order program features choices from more than 1,000 fabrics. We offer modern elegance and luxury in fashion where timeless pieces meet flattering fits, styles and fabrics, creating a unique lifestyle experience for all our clients.

Join us in our private fitting salon for a drink and complimentary exclusive consultation, and discover the Timothy George Homme Exclusive custom-tailored suit.


Made to Measure Suit
Price: Starts at 1,200
Time: 4 weeks
("Made to Measure" suits allow our clients to experience the essence of true custom made, which is to properly fit & shape a suit specifically to each clients' individual wishes.

For the initial consultation, we will spend a half an hour to an hour with our client to discuss the purpose for purchasing a suit, personal style, and fabric preferences. This allows us to pinpoint the type of suit that meets the client's needs and wishes.

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