'The Wee Lassie' Canoe Kit

Mac McCarthy wrote Featherweight Boatbuilding in 1998 to assist others in the construction of the two designs most dear to him. He is currently in an assisted living home in Florida where he still works with wood, building boat models. The Wee Lassie may have started out as one of JH Rushton's designs but Mac will tell you that it has gone through several variations to become what it is today. This is a great, lightweight solo canoe for a moderately sized person. The seat is mounted on cleats on the bottom of the hull and it is paddled with a double bladed kayak paddle. Think of this as an open kayak with no cockpit to deal with.

Dimensions: Length 11.16' Beam (BOA) 26.75" Beam (BWL) 24.4" Weight 25 lbs. Displacement (Capacity) 200 lbs Draft (at Capacity) 4.25" Center Depth 9.8" Depth at Bow 14.25" Rocker .75"

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