The Yoshi, Modern Walnut Coffee Table, Geometric Steel Base, Midcentury Modern

As a furniture maker + designer, you constantly have ideas. Often those ideas are mediocre; and are only very rarely punctuated with really great ones. Even less frequent are ideas that you are able to execute that come together perfectly; just as you imagined.

This design is one of them.

A Solid black walnut coffee table sits in juxtaposition with a very original geometric raw steel rod base fabricated in house,
then powder coated in a playful array of colors.

You won't see anything quite like anywhere else this as it is an entirely original creation!


Dimensions : 47 x 22 x 16

-Solid 1" Walnut tabletop, with beveled profile and slightly rounded corners.

-Powdercoated Seafoam (pictured)

-Finish schedule is a conversion varnish basecoat and commercial grade satin topcoat that protects and seal the beautiful wood underneath.

-Sanded dead flat in our widebelt sander.

Please expect variation in the layout of the base. Each one is handmade and will be slightly unique.

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