Thomas Edison Electric Chair By Nikola Tesla Ac Electricity

Looking for something unique? Here's the Vamp Coffin, Electric Chair with optional headgear. Our Electric Chairs are made with red or white oak depending on request and are made to order. The bad part about made to order is that is takes a while to get the chair made. Production usually takes about 2-3 weeks and shipping takes about 1 week. The good part about made to order is your Electric Chair will be the size and style you want, with the wood and straps you want.

This Electric Chair is modeled after one of the earliest electric chairs from about 1910 and was designed by Thomas Edison using Nicola Tesla AC technology. This chair does not plug in to AC or kill…not usually anyways, but it's a great authentic-looking piece.

When you order, we determine all the strapping/buckles and wood you'd like. If there's a photo of another style Electric Chair you'd like to have built write us and send it over we can probably work up something. Our wood guy's a genius! So write us!

The Electric Chairs in these photos are 6 inch high made of white oak and 2 foot high made of red oak with headgear included.

If you want this item in different size, please contact me for a quotation. We also do custom orders.

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