Three Dimensions On Paper

This project is a set of artwork belonging to the same series. All of this work is to be framed. These examples will give you a good idea of what the artists abilities can do with paper. His three dimensional abstracts (shown in another project) resonate and compliment beautifully with his works on paper.

The artwork you see here ranges in dimension from 24"x 8" to 66"x 42". Jake Adams can make any color, size, theme, or style that you are looking to have for your space. He is very open but still keeps his artistic license in order.

All The paper is 100 lb or greater in order to hold the weight of the medium used to create them. Each piece of paper is primed with gesso and PVA in order to seal in the paper and keep out the oils and resins that could harm the substrate. Most of the series is created through a process of many layers. The mediums used include modeling paste, acrylic paint, Oil paint, synthetic resins, and tar gel. All these materials combined create a very rigid but intricate and beautiful abstract landscape on the surface. This rigidity ties in smoothly with the artists love for Euclidean Geometry and the relationship it has with the current contemporary age. Alongside those ideals, texture and color play a key role in Jake Adams' concepts.

Contact Jake Adams through this site and let him know what you are thinking to have done and he will make sure its perfect. He has done over 300 commissions since 2006, all have been a success.

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