Tibetan Life

This is a serious energy mover! A 14 point Merkava with high powered magnets and diamond window Tibetan Quartz. Place this piece over your bed and it will take you places.

The Merkava:
The outer section or Merkava, is 12 gauge spun copper. All the complex inner wire is 18 (gold) ,20 (silver) ,30 (copper) gauge wire. There are 6 interwoven 20 ga twisted copper wires that form the upper and lower matrix that look like tetrahedrons. There are petals of the Flower OF Life resting on each of the matrixes- one has the quartz resting on top. There are 24 twisted pair silver wires running the inner vertical angels.
Here is a breakdown:
-24 pieces of 12 Ga. copper forming the outer form
-12 pieces of twisted 20 Ga. silver wire forming the inner vertical form
-12 pieces of 18 Ga. gold wire forming the first inner cross section
-12 pieces of 20 Ga silver wire forming the second inner cross section
-1 contiuous strand of 30 Ga. green wire forming the third cross section
-24 twisted pair 18 Ga. copper wire forming the inner star of david area that the petals of flower of life rest on.
Got it?

Stones, beads, etc...
The centerpiece is a diamond window Tibetan Quartz. at 3" long 1/2" wide. It is a very strong crystal and really wanted to be in this piece. It is constantly being cleared. The roundels directly above and below the quartz are antiqued with small colored chips in them. The are alternating series of red and green jasper beads running the vertical length.

On each of the horizontal points is a high powered magnet (upper shelf runs South and lower shelf runs North) They alternate the magnetic frequency when spun inducing a specific magnetic waveform that fluxes and creates new magnetic information. Behind each of the magnets is two small 4mm bicone Swaroski crystal that are green and red to match the center beadwork. There are detailed silver endcaps covering each of the horizontal points and large ornate brass endcaps on the north and south poles.

All solder is lead free
15" Long
12" Wide

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