Timber Framing

First of all, the really good photos are courtesy of Loy Productions, can't miss them. The house timbers were constructed from 100 yr. old timbers taken from an old saw mill, very stable & dry. There are 3 sets of photos here, house timber, porte catche & The Hughes Building, downtown Paso Robles Ca..
The house timbers for the Great Room are what is called a wishbone, & can be done in either a hip or valley, these were complicated & interesting, they were lifted in pairs & set into pockets on the main wall & cut plumb at that junction, the thing is, is they do not travel at a 45 deg. angle as most hips & valleys do, they travel 7 deg. off a 45 & consequently splay outwards at the top 7 deg., so in order to attach them square to the copula I had to pin them at the top the correct span & pull them to plumb, these are 8 x 14 tmbers, alot of tension pulling them. I had the crew build a platform that was the correct height of the bottom of the cupola with a catwalk surround & from this point ran boards wherever I could to set everything in place, hips, jacks etc., so it was me & a forklift guy that did the setting, everything you see in all photos was cut with Japanese hand saws that you see at the end, the only way to assure precise cuts. So far it is the most challenging roof I've ever done, amazingly I didn't make one mistake.
The Porte Catche is 12 x 12 timbers set on edge, Ive never done that either & had to make a device that would give me my depth of cut for the correct pitch & assure that all rafters ended up at the same height at the top, these were rough timber & had up to a half in. variation, the cuts are tight & no gaps.
The round structure I framed on the ground & was lifted into place with a crane & fit into place, had to close off the street, this is The Hughes Building downtown Paso Robles Ca., all of these were great fun for me to build.
These I would be hard put to put a definitive cost on individually, so I''m going to say they cost between 1 & 2 dollars, I would never bid something like this, you don't know what you'll run into, too many variables, so these are by the hour.
I also did all the mill work for the entire house, router.

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