Timbered House Extension And Chimney

This late colonial home in Newport RI was added to in 2004/5, adding a chimney with c. 80sq ft footprint and about 450 sq ft of living space and rationalizing an innefficient small house layout very short on storage . I designed a heavy timbered traditional frame with a dragon beam jettying out the house corner over the front door. The beams were moulded and decorated . A number of the interior walls were in solid wood built plank and muntin style . all interior doors were solid white oak with wooden mechanisms and hinges. downstairs beams were were edge moulded to my design with custom tooling with all the run outs hand carved to pointed tongues. A double sided chimney with massive granite lintels and posts is the focal point of the design, The cap is decorated with a dogtooth brick design and capped with slate . Interior floors downstairs are slate flagstones 1.25" thick and upstairs and kitchen floors are elm with a layer of insulation and a sub flooor in wide Pine to mimic the existing overhead in the original part of the house. Wall panelling is in cement board with plaster.
the downstairs triple casement window was custom made to my design using antique glass.
Because of sawmill issues many parts of the new frame are made with salvaged timbers though about 150 pieces of newly sawn white oak constituted the majority of the frame.
The driveway is laid out with salvaged bluestone wheel tracks , a brick paved garbage area and granite cobblestones at the entrance. The steps were formerly granite corner stones from the city.
the front door is two layered and copper rivetted oak inside and chestnut out. All the hardware is original salvaged colonial

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