To Pickle Or To Prune?

While I was developing the SPLIT line for akke 780, one of my prototypes was a small side table; a simplified version of Split Personality. My good friend, and talented designer, Diane Guariglia has been a huge supporter of mine from the beginning. On one of her visits to my studio, I showed her this particular prototype. She loved it and said that she had the perfect client for it. But, she asked if I would make a few modifications. First, she wanted different dimensions. She also preferred wormy maple over black walnut. And, she asked if I could make the plugs out of steel. Finally, she wanted the steel to be as black as possible. This gave me my first opportunity to use a steel blackener. I wanted to acknowledge the fact that these twin pieces are a collaboration between the two of us by using Diane's name or the name of her design firm, Dyfari Interiors. Since the wormy maple resembles an animal print, my first thought was "Dyfari Safari". Diane responded, "Don't ruin the pieces with a terrible name." I told her that I would let some ideas bounce around my skull. She replied, "Don't let them pickle." I wasn't quite sure what she meant, so Diane further explained, "You know, like when you're in water for too long and your fingers get all shriveled." I said, "Oh, I always called that pruning." Immediately, I knew the name.

Dimensions: 2 @ 24" long x 16" wide x 38" high

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