Tomobako - Presentation/Keepsake Box

Tomobako (presentation/storage boxes) are traditionally used to store fine Japanese ceramics, tea sets, and calligraphy scrolls. Usually crafted out of Paulownia and joined together with box joints and/or wooden pegs. I had an opportunity to repair several tomobako and was intrigued by one of the designs - a box with slots that allowed a ribbon to pass through and be tied on the top, securing the lid.

This is my version of that particular tomobako. Crafted out of wenge with a bottom panel of western red cedar. It can be used much like a traditional tomobako or as a keepsake box. And if your feeling generous, it will do a fine job of replacing a cardboard box and wrapping paper come gift giving time.

Can be made in a variety of sizes and available hardwoods.

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